Onic kairi. Kairi

Kairi dazzles as Onic PH outclasses Blacklist in MPL S9 opener

The early Lord at 10 minutes by ONIC gave way to the top lane and allowed Baloyskie to showcase his Nathan with a maniac that left BREN in awe but was able to keep their heads held high and deny an early loss.



He once again displayed nerves of steel in the 25th minute when he outplayed Kairi in a bottom lane skirmish that Echo converted into a luminous lord take for the massive reverse, 1-0. Execration 2-3 2nd ONIC Philippines vs. Onic finished off blacklist with a 22-12 triumph in Game 3.

Kairi's unstoppable Selena helps ONIC snap their 3

Bennyqt finished with a 9-1-10 KDA. ONIC Philippines would as well finish strong during the second day, taking a win against Brazil's KEYD 2-1 , putting them in the First Seed of Group B, followed by TODAK 2-1 , KEYD and ONIC Esports 1-2 , securing ONIC the first seed in Group B.


Clutch Kairi helps Onic hand Echo their 1st loss of MPL PH S9 │ GMA News Online

Game 3 looked like Echo's for the taking when KarlTzy scored a double kill in a 15th minute 3-1 exchange but Kairi came to the rescue with a counter initiation to force a 4-2 trade off that gave them the series win. SunSparks defeats them once more, this time by a score of 3—1.


Kairi defends girlfriend from online bashers

Not banning Selena proved to be a disaster for AURA PH, as Kairi was able to get five kills in the first five minutes of the game.


The man advantage and Lancelot still dishing out damage for ONIC filled to close the missing gaps, pushing through the nexus and further bury the crippling BREN down to the bottom of the standings.