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In the episode « Turning Point », the Green Goblin hurtled Mary Jane Watson off the bridge, but instead of dying, she falls through a portal, unseen to Peter Parker believing she has fallen and perished in the water below. In the three-part episode "Spider Slayers", experiments on Mary Jane, allowing her to gain control of her symbiote and become to help the Web Warriors fight the synthezoids. In the film's main universe, she was married to prior to his death.


Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst)

It is eventually revealed that Peter somehow survived his fateful ordeal, waking up in an abandoned lab in San Francisco. Mary Jane's attitude towards Peter during her time with him reminds Peter not to let his work take priority over his loved ones. She appears as part of the "Spider-Man" event, and is later given the armor.


In a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, Gwen is involved in a fall. The novel was successful with teenage girls who were not familiar with the comics, but was met with criticism from core fans due to its characterization and changing continuity. The filming brought her and Peter into conflict with Peter's old foe.

How did Mary Jane die in The Amazing Spider Man 2?

Spider-Man brings the wounded Mary Jane to Doctor Strange, who performs a healing spell on her.


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Producers of an old direct-to-video movie MJ starred in called Marvella eventually contacted her and offered her a contract to reprise her role, with a three-month filming schedule in New York. Mary Jane and Peter make their way home to heal and face the dawn of a new day together as a loving, and seemingly 'unbreakable', couple.


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They locate it at the headquarters of Tombstone. Upon learning this, she becomes very angry and transforms into a huge, red, goblin-type creature referred to by Bendis as Ultimate. In season three's finale, the discovers Spider-Man's secret identity, kidnaps Mary Jane, and takes her to the.

Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodley)

The Fantastic Four were killed by De'Lila the New Fantastic Four composed of Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Ghost Rider have stayed together and moved to Four Freedoms, where Peter's wife, Mary Jane became its homemaker. Who plays Mary Jane in Spiderman ps4? During seasons one and two, she initially thinks that Peter and Spider-Man are separate individuals, attends Midtown High School as a student, and is friends with and.