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What size boxes can I use? I prefer a monthly calendar for keeping track of mundane and magickal events. If you are concerned about revenue tier structures on your UPS agreement, do not be. Later, depending on the results, I can enter all of this information into my BOS.



Keeping an unbroken record of your journey and development as a witch takes time and dedication. Write something every day. Getting Started When I created my first BOS, I envisioned a meticulously organized, beautifully hand-lettered and illuminated BOS and journal all in one.

Simple Witchery: Book of Shadows and Witch’s Journal

It contains spells cast and rituals performed, invocations and devotions, and other information important to my practice, most of it worked out first in my daily journal. Rumah Wirausaha Indonesia ruwindo adalah perusahaan yang berasal dari bisnis berbasis Komputer dan Teknologi Informasi sejak tahun 2000 lalu, dalam perkembangannya membuka beberapa unit bisnis yang mampu berkembang pesat dalam perjalanannya.


Simpel Bos

Sama dengan e-walet pada umumnya, i-saku ini dapat diisi dengan nominal kelipatan Rp 10 ribu. Now shippers can use their boxes up to 1,728 cubic inches at one low cost. Keeping a daily journal of your development as a witch can improve your practice.


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When you write every day, you lessen resistance usually the belief that you have nothing to write. You will find detailed instructions for performing rites, rituals, casting spells, invoking deity and spirits, and more in a Grimoire.


Aplikasi BOS

Many modern witches also keep an introspective journal as a record of their personal development as a witch.