Elizabeth 1. 10 Interesting Facts About Queen Elizabeth I of England

Biography of Queen Elizabeth I, Virgin Queen of England

But Elizabeth had other ideas. I also believe that Elizabeth had an inferiority complex the size of Mount Everest! There was a series of bad harvests. Living in a world dictated by the whims of her father, Elizabeth could never be too certain of her position —or her life.


Queen Elizabeth I

And, as a leading Catholic, Heath also secured the loyalty of his religious party for the new queen. She was always fond of wise minds and that allowed her to pick some of the most loyal and intelligence advisors in the history of England. When it looked inevitable that the teenager would die without an heir of his own body, the plots for his crown began.

Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533

Elizabeth I never married and she is renowned as the Virgin Queen. By the time of , therefore, Elizabeth was third in line to the throne behind her younger brother Edward and elder sister Mary. Here, historian Tracy Borman reveals seven surprising facts about her life 1 Elizabeth was never meant to be queen Although Elizabeth is now hailed as one of our greatest monarchs, she should never have got anywhere near the throne.


10 Facts About Elizabeth I

Elizabeth was always revered and seen as almost divine. I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and a king of England, too, and think foul scorn that… any prince of Europe should dare to invade the borders of my realm. They seemed incapable of appreciating the impact marriage would have upon her life, while its impact was distressingly clear to Elizabeth.

The death of Elizabeth I and possible causes of death by Alexander Taylor

In 1588, the Spanish Armada set sail from Spain with the purpose of assisting an invasion of England to overthrow Elizabeth. But at her accession, the moment of her great triumph, she was prepared to be conciliatory. Legacy Elizabeth has been remembered more for her successes than her failures and as a monarch that loved her people and was much loved in return.


4 Major Accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth 1

It was during this time that married , who was a descendant of Henry VIII's sister , and was therefore also an heir to the throne.