Park ji hoon treasure. Sanctions Policy

Jihoon (TREASURE) Profile and Facts (Updated!)

He lived in Busan along with his parents and an older brother who was born in 1997. But, Jihoon from Treasure is just as cool as other Jihoons.



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Treasure Jihoon

Jihoon said that he cried a lot of times when he was a trainee.


What a great choice from YG Entertainment! At first he was not selected for the main group, TREASURE, however, on January 29, 2019, YGE announced that he would form a second group from the show, called MAGNUM, and he was one of the members. He is a member of 's Boy Group,. You should consult the laws of any jurisdiction when a transaction involves international parties.


Jihoon, integrante de TREASURE

That could be because, in the same year,. Was it his dream for a long time? Jihoon is in charge of dance, vocals, and is one of the leaders in Treasure. My ults are Seventeen, Treasure, ATEEZ, NCT, Twice, Dreamcatcher and Loona.


Sanctions Policy

Jihoon was the 5th member to be announced for MAGNUM. He was an ESTJ when he was a trainee. Jihoon akui dirinya sangat lemah apabila menyangkut lisa,hatinya sangat lemah.