Bonsai bunjin. Bunjin Literati Style

Bunjin Bonsai: Take Your Bonsai To Extremes

Just be sure to consult the appropriate , to ensure it stays healthy throughout the training process! Containers Because of the movement, single trunk literati usually are planted in a shallow round or oval container.


Bunjin Style Bonsai

The only thing that might give pause is the relatively heavy, robust crown. Or taken to real extremes, this "painful" twisting could even achieve a comical effect; a sort of slapstick tree. Had these discussions 50 years ago, and you know, it has not changed much.

No lower branches? Make it a Bunjin Style Bonsai

Bunjin isn't for Bonsai beginners and requires a good familiarity with the use of tools to train your tree into deliberate shapes. Also controlling the amount of fertilizing and watering so its trunk will not lose its grace and delicacy. It is a dream, an abstract.

Literati or Bunjin Bonsai

Although bunjin sometimes reflects the bizarre and unusual, tieing your tree in a knot is insufficient grounds for dubbing it a literati.



Tilt the tree on blocks for a better view of the movement or in order to have the tree bow toward you.


Bunjin Bonsai

They first appeared during the Song Dynasty 960-1279 A.