Hybe audition. How To Apply For Hybe Multi

HYBE Multi

Most importantly, auditions are for various Hype labels like BigHit, Belift Lab, KOZ Entertainment, Source music, and multiple others. Meanwhile, online auditions are open from March 7 to April 30 PST on the official.

How to apply for HYBE Multi label audition 2022 for Bighit Music, Belift & more

In this post, I shared all that you needed to know about Hybe Multilabel Auditions. The opportunity to join HYBE Labels is like a dream come true moment for K-pop fans all over the world as the music label has some of the best music groups in the world including Grammy-nominated septet BTS Bighit Music , self-producing million-seller group Seventeen Pledis Entertainment and more. The company said it expects global talent, especially in North America, to actively participate in the auditions.



This profession will take place in Los Angeles where top girl group will also debut.


HYBE's labels are auditioning for talent in Vegas

Dare to be the next global artists? Here you can read: Auditions For The Hybe Multi-Label The nightmares of million K-pop and K-drama lovers have come true. Check out how to apply for HYBE labels audition 2022 here. It will continue on April 9th, and 15th, and it will end on April 16th.

How To Apply For Hybe Multi

Therefore, the onset audition will start on April 8th, in Las Vegas. This is an exciting moment in K-Pop history because it will be the first US-based K-Pop girl group.

(Apply Online) Hybe X Geffen Global Girl Group Audition 2022 Application

People from ages 11 to 19 of all genders can apply for it globally. Then follow below mentioned instructions to complete Hybe X Geffen global girl group audition 2022 apply online. Under jointly created alliance, these two industry powerhouses is to launch Global diverse and multi talented girl pop group.