Street woman fighter. Meet The "Street Woman Fighter" Dancer Whose Handsome Good Looks Have Netizens Swooning

Street Woman Fighter

Gradually, the 21-year-old female idol became softer, more flexible, and more attractive in her expression.


Street Woman Fighter Wiki

Liked their outfits and they would have been my first choice had they not made a visible mistake and I wish they would have put as much energy into it in certain parts of the choreo.


Street Woman Fighter (2021)

I thought it was getting a bit boring near the end though but I am obsessed with the floor work.


Mega Crew Challenge Videos : StreetWomanFighter

YGX will receive extra points and will have to opportunity to direct the music video. The second team is chosen by YGX, who had the highest overall score. I liked how it picked back up, but then that girl super didn't work when she was just supposed to be part of the group since she was still dressed to stand out.


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The chosen dancer will have a dance battle with the nominated Worst Dancer.


Street Woman Fighter: Contestants, Ages, Profile, Birthdays, Winner

WANT was chosen as the second candidate for elimination.