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The Silent Sea: 3 Reasons to Watch the First Korean Mystery Series Set on the Moon

I am someone who looks at diversity often and there were a lot of times when I felt we could do better as we did not have a diverse range of content coming from Korea. We take intellectual property concerns very seriously, but many of these problems can be resolved directly by the parties involved. Read more: Their destination is Balhae Lunar Research Station, which closed down five years ago due to an accident.


The Silent Sea Ending Explained: Does Gong Yoo's character die in the end?

The force of the water throws him outside of the station. Sure it has its moments of clumsiness, but it unfolds an interesting story.

The Silent Sea (TV Series 2021– )

The remaining crew agrees that, though lunar water is dangerous, it could be the salvation of humanity, but if they take Luna to Earth she will be treated as an experiment forever. Song theorizes that the girl has a condition or immunity that makes her compatible with lunar water, and that she may be the key to making lunar water safe for consumption back on Earth. The bookmark is also adorable! The weight of each movement is different depending on the gravity levels, adding to the detailed and immersive experience.

The Silent Sea (TV series)

The station starts to collapse from the lunar water flooding; Ryu succumbs to his symptoms, and Han and Gong sacrifice themselves so that Song, Luna and Hong can make it out safely with the remaining samples.


'The Silent Sea' promises suspense with new stills of Gong Yoo, Bae Doona & others

Additional information regarding the samples that they were expected to collect is not provided to them. Before watching this series, I definitely expected that this show would be unpredictable and scary to watch. He would be on set every single day, on every single shoot, and he would take care of every minor detail.


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An overview of The Silent Sea Ryu Tae Suk, Hong Ga Young, Gong Soo Hyuk, Kim Sun, Gong Soo Chan, Lee Gi Su, E1, E2, and Mr Hwang are the other members of the team in The Silent Sea. As for what Sister Song wanted our Dr. The first challenge was depicting the moon and the surface of the moon, which no Korean has ever stepped foot on before.