Toji. The Tragedy of Toji Suzuhara: Evangelion's Forgotten Two

Toji Fushiguro

Speaking of Shinji, the emotional impact of episodes 17 and 18 is so poignant precisely because we take his point of view. Toji

So we headed over around 6 PM and grabbed a meal nearby just your random, standard, off the street teppanyaki joint serving up aces food, like everywhere in this great city before going in at 7 when they opened. You just have to stick with it for a couple of months to work up to anything, so do not order it expecting to see anything drastic within a month.

Along with Kensuke and the rest of his class, he is eventually evacuated from Tokyo-3; what happens to him after that is unknown.

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His severed limbs were to be replaced by new ones grown from his body cells.


Personality Toji is emotional and cries easily. We visited the Toji temple on a bright sunny day during the summer period. I stealthily took a few photos, away from the vigilant guards.


Toji Gion

Said to be, like an Unrestricted Maki, capable of defeating the entire Zenin Clan : At least Massively Hypersonic Able to outpace Dagon who could keep up with and , Scared Naobito who is stated to be the second fastest Sorcerer, could blitz during Shibuya, who could keep up with Maki and : Unknown : At least Town Class, likely far higher : At least Town level, likely far higher Scales above Dagon. Toji is best known from its Pagoda, that stands as the tallest wooden structure in Japan. The program provides an accountability structure to help lawyers achieve their goals and transform their law practices.


Zenshūyō style temples, such as Tō-ji, are characterized by linear spacing outlines of the , hinging panel doors, cusped windows called , and decorative pent roofs called. After Toji ran away in fear when seeing the duel between and , he believes that his dignity has been shattered or he has lost his mind.

Tōji Suzuhara

This is defiantly helpful because I wash my hair everyday and it dries out. We were amazed by the wonderful ancient architectural methods used to build such a gigantic wooden structure, without using a single nail. Toji continues to pilot Unit-03 if he is unlocked.