Armenia first league. Summary


A Modern History of Georgia. New York, Oxford: Philosophical Library, 1951.

First Republic of Armenia

Each team plays overall 27 games in one season and the winner is the team that has the most points at the end of the season. This competition is part of the Armenia football structure.


Armenia First League 2021/2022 fixtures and calendar

In addition to this, the parties also concluded an arbitration treaty whereby they agreed to settle their territorial disputes. The draft British plan established that Georgian troops would remain in Akhalkalak and northern Borchaly, whereas Armenian forces would settle in southern Borchaly, and the British would take positions between the two opponents.


Armenian First League

Department of State 1917-1920 Армения в документах Государственного департамента США 1917-1920 гг.

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Following the uprising, Armenian forces under the command of and were dispatched by Yerevan to assist the Karabakh rebels, at the same time Azerbaijan moved most of its army westward to break the Armenian resistance and its reinforcements, despite the threat of the approaching of from the north.


First League 2021/2022 scoreboard

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In accordance with the harsh terms of the signed on 4 June 1918 the Ottoman Empire demobilized most of the Armenian army. Hewsen and Christoper C. The teams are placed in 1 table, with a promotion and relegation system for the best and worst-performing teams.