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Pictures and Facts About Bengal Cats and Kittens

These cats have an exotic appearance that resembles their wildcat ancestors, but they make much safer family pets. The actual shipping is separate. Commonwealth of Australia Department of Environment.

Bengal cat

The black hair blurs the basic black contour and brown pattern on the back and shoulder of the cat.

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The first months at the cattery are very important. Bengals are often described as intelligent, curious, and active. Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, University of California, Davis.


Bengal Housecat Breed

These beautiful looking cats are not a well-behaved lap cat and they misbehave a lot outside. Our Bengal kittens for sale are simply adorable.

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And they know how to express their distaste for a situation. The test is then sent directly to the laboratory. The kittens are shipped in an airline-approved crate with food and water.


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The kitten is hand delivered to the client at the destination.


Bengal Kittens For Sale 2022 Online at

The Bengal could never be called delicate. Only in the 1960s where they let to be purchased at pet stores. Alleged hypoallergenic breeds thus may still produce a reaction among those who have severe allergies.