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Learn to slice your shots. If the recipient forces a fault to the server so the server can't play it , the recipient will receive the point as well as the recipient becoming the new server for the next play.


How to Play Badminton (with Pictures)

I stand up, too. And spectators are increasingly attracted to the exciting mix of angles, tactics, touch, reaction, and fitness that would exhaust a squash champion. There are many ways to hit a badminton serve, from the high serve to the backhand serve.


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The French Open is an annual badminton match held in France since 1909 and hosted by the Fédération Française de Badminton FFBad. Word, although, that badminton was often called totally different names in several areas within the nineteenth century. My wife, Shira, pulls over to the side of the road and we get out of the car, leaving the badminton rackets and feathered ball on the back seat.


When and where was badminton invented?

Having bagged 2 medals — a bronze and a silver from two consecutive Olympics, have had not less than two gamers — Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth assume the helm spot on the BWF rankings and lastly, fetched themselves the elusive World Championship crown in 2019, India has executed all of it. So, if both teams have a score of 20, one team must win by 22-20, and so on. For the rest of the game, if you have an even number of points serve from the right, if you have an odd number of points, serve from the left.



Though the game has some similarities to tennis, the rules of badminton are distinct and important to know before you take a swing at your first game.


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In Philippines, it was within the 1920 when British and American exptriates launched badminton within the nation.